The South Keys Greenboro Community Association Soccer (SKGCA) league started in the early 80's with three teams of girls and boys, aged 4 and 5 years old, playing on the field adjacent to the Greenboro Pavilion. Coaches and trainers were all volunteers and the league was run by the Association from an office in Dunlop Public School. By the mid 80's, as interest grew and kids got older the league expanded and games were added at Pushman Park.

Today, SKGCA Soccer offers a parent led community-based soccer program at an extremely affordable cost that is heavily supported by business sponsors. Our largest sponsor, Tim Horton's annually donates, through the Timbits Minor Soccer Program, a team shirt, shorts, socks, medal and soccer ball for each player. In addition, community sponsors such as Alterna Savings and Credit Union and Dodge Chrysler sponsor the SKGCA Soccer tournament.

The program continues to be run by a small group of highly committed volunteer coordinators that work numerous hours during, and in between, the season to make the program an annual success. Coordinators plan and execute the entire registration process, work with sponsors, reserve soccer fields, and much much more.

After three decades, the SKGCA Soccer program has thrived and now consists of 3 age groups (ranging from 4 through 10) of 24 teams of girls and boys and totalling 336 players. The program runs in a compressed format from mid-May to the end of June allowing parents and children the opportunity to still enjoy their summer holidays in July and August.

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