SKGCA stands for South Keys Greenboro Community Association.

The SKGCA Soccer program is a volunteer run soccer program that works in concert with the SKGCA to provide a total of 336 children ranging from 4 through 10 an opportunity to play parent-led recreational soccer every year.

To learn more about the program please see our About page.

SKGCA Soccer offers a parent led community-base soccer program at an extremely affordable cost that is heavily supported by business sponsors. Our largest sponsor Tim Horton's donates through the Tim Horton's Timbit Soccer Program a team shirt, shorts, socks, medal and soccer ball for each player.

In addition, community sponsors such as Alterna Savings and Credit Union and Southbank Dodge Chrysler sponsor the SKGCA Soccer tournament.

SKGCA Soccer is run by a small group of highly committed volunteer coordinators that work numerous hours during and in between the season to make the program an annual success.

Coordinators plan and execute the entire registration process, work with sponsors, reserve soccer fields and much more.

If you have a SKGCA Soccer question that is not answered in this FAQ, or simply want to contact SKGCA Soccer, then please use our Contact Us page.

The SKGCA Facebook page provides news, events and information on the SKGCA Soccer program and other programs throughout the South Keys Greenboro Community.

You can help SKGCA Soccer in multiple ways by:

  • Volunteering to be a Head or an Assistant Coach (see our Coaching FAQ)
  • Sharing the program Registration Flyer with family and friends



We plan on providing a French version of this site in the future.

The full program details can either be found in this FAQ or via the Registration Flyers below:



Online registration starts on Mar 10!

IMPORTANT: There will be NO in person registration at Greenboro

IMPORTANT: Spaces are extremely limited so please register as soon as possible after registration opens to ensure players get a spot.

Online registration is available through our Register page.

The program costs $60 per player.

Players must be born after May 15, 2013 and before May 15, 2020 to play in the program.

Online payments can be made via Credit Card or Visa Debit:

Players will be grouped together when they are on the same registration.

Choosing to coach with another parent can give your player(s) the chance to play with a friend(s).

Each registration is restricted to 3 players per age group.

If you need to register more than this amount please Contact Us.

IMPORTANT: Spaces are extremely limited at 112 players per age group, so please register as soon as possible after registration opens to ensure players get a spot.

  • Ages 4-5 tournament day is Jun 08 (rain date Jun 15)
  • Ages 6-7 tournament day is Jun 08 (rain date Jun 15)
  • Ages 8-10 tournament day is Jun 08 (rain date Jun 15)
  • Ages 4-5 photo day is Jun 03 (rain date Jun 05)
  • Ages 6-7 photo day is Jun 04 (rain date Jun 06)
  • Ages 8-10 photo day is Jun 03 (rain date Jun 05)

IMPORTANT: Individual photos will not be taken, there will be no retakes due to absences, and team photos will available at My Photos once all age groups are taken and processed (an email will be sent when they are ready for viewing).

  • Ages 4-5 start on May 15
  • Ages 6-7 start on May 16
  • Ages 8-10 start on May 15

IMPORTANT: These dates assume that the City of Ottawa has cleared the opening of soccer fields throughout the City and as such are subject to change if for example fields take longer than usual to recover from Winter thaw.

The entire season is played in 6 weeks. This offers 12 games and includes a tournament.

As the season is just 6 weeks, we always play games/practices on holidays.

Unless an email is sent out beforehand stating a session is canceled (rarely and only in extreme cases), please come out with proper clothing (and umbrellas for parents) as cancelations are typically game time and made at the field.

Unless an email is sent out beforehand stating a session is canceled (rarely and only in extreme cases), please come out with extra water for your child so that they remain hydrated and play (as safety and health are paramount).

For 4-5 and 6-7 soccer cleats are NOT allowed and running shoes are HIGHLY recommended.

  • There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • This is for player safety especially at a young age when players fall and may get stepped on when trying to stand up.

For 8-10 soccer cleats are HIGHLY recommended although running shoes are sufficient.

Running shoes typically have a curve that lifts up in the front and ideally have deep / sufficient tread to have good traction on grass surfaces.

Flat walking shoes, high tops and court shoes should be AVOIDED as there is little traction on grass and they can be dangerous especially when fields are wet.

Coaching is an extremely rewarding and special experience for both parents and their children.

Choosing to coach with another parent can give your player(s) the chance to play with a friend(s).

Coaching with can be set and changed through the Volunteer Status page (this cannot be guaranteed).

Generally speaking - Yes! Head coaches and assistant coaches are parent led volunteers.

If we do not have at least one parent head coach, and assistant coach per team then we cannot run the program

No. Although soccer experience can be beneficial it is not required to coach recreational soccer. In fact, coaches with prior experience need to be mindful that the program is non-competitive and is played primarily to have fun.

In addition, there will be a coaches information session at least a few days prior to start of the season.

Yes. Each head coach will be assigned an assistant coach.

Ottawa PRC's applications are requested online for FREE for Volunteer organizations like SKGCA.

IMPORTANT: PRC's are valid for 2 years and must be renewed if older than 2 years as of May 1st.

IMPORTANT: For the SKGCA letter please download it here and print it before you start.

Tips to help complete the online application:

  • Start the Ottawa PRC online here and choose "Login" (if not 1st time) otherwise choose "Create Account"
  • IMPORTANT: Answer credit check questions carefully as mistakes may require PRC pick up in-person
  • Select the option "I choose to have my results delivered by mail"
  • Select the check box "I am an applicant for a paid or volunteer position with a person or organization...", then select the option "Volunteer (Unpaid Work)" and for "Enter description" enter something like: Parent Coach of kids team of the South Keys Greenboro Community Soccer program.
  • Enter for "Details regard the responsibilities..." something like: Engage children of young ages in soccer training, drills and exercises and coach games 2 times per week for a period of 6 weeks.
  • For "Name of Volunteer Agency..." enter: South Keys Greenboro Community Association
  • For the SKGCA letter please fill in your name (on the copy you downloaded and printed) and upload it
  • VERY IMPORTANT: At one point you are told your Application is complete BUT you are not done:
  • You need to continue and checkout otherwise nothing will be submitted
  • You will be shown a shopping cart that says $0 and still need to continue
  • You are done when you see a message such as: No payment required. Your cart entries have been submitted to the OPS Admin Portal.

In the case that there are more coaches than necessary to support a certain age group, parents that offered to volunteer with another parents but are not selected to help cannot be guaranteed their set of children will play together due to the complex nature of the algorithm that constructs the teams.

The process of selecting the coaches is random and cannot be changed.

If you missed the meeting, or would like to refer to the content discussed:

Coaching Session Notes

The following PDF is helpful to keep track of positions and substitutions for players (most commonly used for ages 8-10):

Soccer Game Worksheet

Yes. At least one parent/guardian must remain for the duration of every game/practice.

A parent/guardian needs to be present to escort their child to a washroom, to help comfort them (if necessary), in the unfortunate event of injury, etc.

While some young players may need to be with their parent/guardian, having players with their parents/guardians can at times make it difficult to substitute players onto the field as they may be distracted or may be conversing with their parent/guardian.